Friday, 16 January 2015

A Little Welcome

On this damp and cold morning, I'm sat here staring at a project that I'm currently working on. I have been taking pictures throughout because on my last project someone asked me if I could provide instructions and I had no idea where to start.

So a little about how this blog is going to work, or how I think it's going to work - it is bound to develop as I get more associated with all this blogging business.

I'm not the best sewer, no, but I don't believe that that is a bad thing. I almost got carried away with all those that's then, haha. Anyway, my university lecturer once told me right at the very beginning of my degree, that often the best people in the long run are those that struggle because they've learned the hard way. They have had to do the extra research, the extra planning and so on. With this, you learn different and new things BUT if you know how to do something without that struggle, yes you get the job done efficiently but you don't learn anything new. You can end up relying on one way and it often becomes your way and it then becomes difficult to either learn new ways or for people to learn from you (don't I know this!! - I learned the hard way with that one too).

So with that in mind, no I'm not the best sewer and I may never be, but what this blog is going to be about is the learning process of sewing. The blunders, the snags, the research, the solutions and the hooray moments when they eventually come.

I pin a lot of clothes on pinterest that I love and want to make. It's not just clothes but anything really. I think it's empowering knowing how to make your own clothes, in the way that you want them. What I struggle with though is having the confidence to wear a lot of them.

It's all easy to sit at this chair and write the how to's and the rest that is involved BUT the challenge for me is going to be wearing the final product and knowing that I did that myself and that's an achievement.

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